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Let’s Teach You How To Build Your Own Site

October 9, 2022Category : Branding
Let’s Teach You How To Build Your Own Site

A lot of us think having our own site is very difficult.

I know I felt the same way some years ago when I commissioned somebody to build a website for my business.

I paid the web developer ₦65,000 to host my website for six months and was going to pay another ₦65,000 for the next six months, meaning that every year I was going to pay ₦130,000 just to run one single website.

Now if I told you I have almost 20 websites and along with domain costs and hosting, I don’t spend up to ₦130,000 a year, you’ll probably doubt me.

But it’s true.

With as low as ₦15,000 a year, you can have a very good website in less than 30 minutes.

First of all, you’ll need to find a good hosting firm.

Now a lot of people use foreign hosting firms like namecheap and Hostinger or even the big boy GoDaddy.

However there are Nigerian hosting firms you can use.

I usually recommend Upperlink. I’ve used them for some years now and they compete very favourable against the foreign hosting companies.

Now their lowest plan is about ₦7500. There is still a firm that offers as low as ₦4000 yearly plan.

Now one of the things about Upperlink is the add-on sites capability, whereby you can add more domains to one hosting instead of buying one hosting plan per each domain.

Now when you buy a plan, they’ll offer you a free domain name for one year afterwards you renew yearly for ₦1200.

On the other hand, you could buy a .com or .ng or any other extension you want.

With everything in the cart, you make payment and once they approve your purchase, your website is almost ready.

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